Wednesday, February 21, 2007

D' Lucky Ones (2006)

Stand out sina Pokwang at Eugene Domingo sa D' Lucky Ones, kung tutuusin supporting roles lamang sila dito. Nag-mukhang sina Sandara Park at Joseph Bitangcol ang supporting, dahil nadala nila ang tunay na ibig sabihin ng pagiging isang tagahanga. Litaw na litaw ang paghango ng mga linya mula sa mga pelikulang Sister Stella L., Bata, Bata Paano Ka Ginawa at iba pang pelikulang pinagbibidahan ni Ate Vi. Oo, sila nga ay die hard fans ni Vilma Santos, at dahil dito, ang pelikula ay isang SUCCESS.

Well, it's a crime to say that Pokwang and Domingo are supporting roles, in the first place, they are the ones who named their kids "Lucky". Lucky girl and Lucky boy. How sweet ain't it? Every single bit revolves around the two mothers, they practically OWN the movie, everytime they are on screen they demand presence. Especially, on the Vilma quote bits, they deliver each line right to the pulp. It was so hilarious because i've seen those films, and they've captured Vilma's nuances and mannerisms.There was one part in the film when Eugene Domingo started quoting Vilma Santos in the film, Pahiram ng Isang Umaga, complete with the white free flowing dress, they even shot it on the beach, it's oozing with cheese, it good, if you get my drift. If that wasn't enough, they even had a dance showdown at a comedy bar, according to Pokwang, they're just dancing just like Vilma did in the movie Burlesk Queen.

Forget about Park and Bitangcol, the film belong to the two stars of all season. Majority of the jokes in the film will be lost in translation to those not familiar with Vilma's films, and to this note, it is a film not for everyone.

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